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Spain's El Gordo Lotto

Though there are a variety of lottery games now being played in Spain, El Gordo is the most popular lotto. Every week millions of people anxiously await the results of the drawing to see if the numbers that they've chosen are the ones that are going to make them millionaires. At one time, tickets for this exciting game were only available for purchase at local shops within Spain. However, thanks to technology and through one simple click to the website of  RedFoxLotto , anyone can play El Gordo Lotto online without even stepping outside their front door, regardless of what region of the world they live in.

How to Play El Gordo Lotto

el gordo onlineYou need to match 6 numbers in order to win the big jackpot. The size of that jackpot all depends upon how well the sales of the tickets went for that drawing and the number of winners. 5 of the numbers you choose must be between 1 and 54 and an additional number that is between 1 and 9. There are a total of 8 ways to win a prize. Drawings are held every Sunday afternoon, and you can purchase tickets every day of the week except the day of the drawing.

This Spanish lottery, unlike some of the other national lotteries, does not require its players to be of Spanish origin or residing in Spain. This enables players from all over the world to try their luck at the game, and see if they have the winning numbers that will make them rich beyond their wildest dreams. Therefore, even if you live an ocean away from Spain, you can still play El Gordo Lotto online. Just make sure that you purchase your ticket from RedFoxLotto.

Where can you buy tickets?

You can purchase tickets in a variety of shops within Spain. However, if you aren't a resident of Spain, the only way to participate is through the online ticket service of RedFoxLotto and purchase a ticket for the next drawing right on your home computer. It's simple, fast, and gives you the chance to play El Gordo Lotto online and potentially win enough to make you a very wealthy, and lucky, person. Rather than run the risk of possibly providing your information to less than ethical websites who are simply in existence to scam hard working individuals who are trying to make their dreams come true by winning the lotto, RedFoxLotto is a completely legitimate site that strives to give everyone the chance to win big.

If you've dreamt of what you would do with millions of Euros, which are worth more than the dollar in today's market, then log on to and play El Gordo lotto online to try your luck. Just think of how nice it would be to retire early or buy that boat you've always wanted. The possibilites are endless when it comes to deciding upon where your earnings will go, and how they will change your life.

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