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Mega Sena Lotto Online: Fun and Easy Way to Win Millions

What is the Mega Sena Lotto?

The Mega Sena is a 2 drum system lotto which allows you bigger chances of winning. This game started during the 1960’s and has been the number one lottery game in Brazil ever since. Just like the Mega Lotto, the Mega Sena uses the 2 drum system wherein you need to choose five numbers from 1-60 and an additional number from 0-9.

The great thing about the Mega Sena lottery is that a portion of the ticket sales goes to the development of Brazil’s educational system. So by playing, you not only get a chance to win millions of dollars, you are also helping the children of Brazil get a better education.

The Mega Sena has three levels of winners: All six, five or four. In this way, winners can laugh all the way to the bank with larger sums of money rather than having it filtered down through the rankings.

How to play at the Mega Sena Lotto Online

While the good old days of lotto only allows residents or citizens of Brazil to play the Mega Sena, the day of Internet has given anyone from across the globe to play the Mega Sena lotto online. You don’t need to be in Brazil, or have someone you know from Brazil to have your ticket shipped to you. You only need to be 18 or older in order to play the Mega Sena Lotto online.

There’s an easier way to play the Mega Sena Lotto Online. By registering with RedFoxLotto, you make buying a ticket for the Mega Sena lotto a lot easier. Just choose five numbers from 1-60 and an additional number from numbers 0-9. Once you have paid, you can wait for an email with the numbers you have chosen and watch out for draw. This online lotto service can save you half the time by not just purchasing your ticket, but also sending you a scanned copy of the ticket.

RedFoxLotto can also redeem the prize money for you for winnings under $2500 and send it to your account. If your winnings are over $2500, they will help you redeem the prize before the redemption time is over. Remember that Mega Sena lotto only allows you to claim y our prize for only 90 days before they use the money (or part of it) to fund the improvement of Brazil’s educational system.

With RedFoxLotto, you only need to check your emails as they will update you if you have won or not. Apart from that, you can also get monthly subscriptions to the lottery of your choice so you won’t have to go through the tedious process of buying tickets for the next draw.
Just don’t forget to click “checkout” so they can finalize your purchase of the lottery ticket. Now you can play Mega Sena lotto online without all the fuzz of lining up or even flying to Brazil to get a ticket.  To learn more about RedFoxLotto, click here.

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