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Choosing the Winning Lotto Numbers – The Most Popular Strategies

When it comes to choosing the winning lotto numbers just about everyone has their own strategy. Of course, it’s impossible to know just which one is going to make it, but everyone will tell you that they have the surefire way to make sure. So, just what are the options out there? How are people choosing the numbers that they play every day? Well, here are just a few of the strategies that have the most popularity, throughout the industry.

Lucky Numbers

The first, and most common way that people choose their winning lotto numbers is by looking at their own lucky numbers. These are individuals who play specific numbers that have shown to be lucky to them before. Maybe they’ve used that number for something else and won or maybe it’s a lucky number day of the week or month. Maybe they got the numbers off a fortune cookie that told them those were their lucky numbers. Whatever the reason, these numbers mean something to the individual who plays them or they might be stereotypical lucky (or unlucky) numbers, like 4, 7 and 13. It’s entirely up to you.

Important Numbers

winning lottery numbersAnother one that means something to the individual person who is playing are the important numbers. This category means numbers that are a date or a significant thing in their life. Maybe it’s the birth date of their child or their anniversary date or a special time in their life. Maybe it’s a series of ages or the address for their home. For many people, these types of numbers have a very special significance and they believe that these numbers will be luckier for them and help them get a big break. These types of numbers are quite popular and many people will play them day after day, whether playing in person or playing international lotteries online at RedFoxLotto. People love to be able to attach meaning to the numbers that they play or to anything that they do in general, and that applies to winning lotto numbers as well.

Past Winning Lotto Numbers

It doesn’t have to be the individual persons winning numbers for someone to play these numbers again and again. It could be that those specific numbers, in that specific order, won the jackpot of that game or another game in the past. Some people like to believe that those numbers have to be lucky because they’ve won before and, as a result, they’ll continue to play the same numbers, believing that they’re going to draw again. Sometimes it’s just numbers that won a prize before, though not the jackpot, and they think it will pull for the jackpot next time. While winning numbers haven’t been pulled for the jackpot a second time in history, it’s always a possibility and some people believe that the numbers must be lucky to have won before.

Hardcore Research

There are also some people who like to really go all out on deciding which numbers they’re going to play. These are the people who do a whole lot of research and who watch the games draw every time (or at least look up the winning numbers). These individuals know which numbers have the highest odds of drawing or at least, which ones have drawn the most in the past, and they create a combination of numbers based on which numbers have drawn most frequently and in which ways. They have it all down to a science on what they feel the winning lotto numbers will be. This can take a whole lot of time, but if you’re really into the research, it can actually be interesting or fun for some.

Just do it by random

Some people like the idea of picking their own numbers but don’t really have any idea which numbers to pick. When you fill out a slip, these are the people who randomly choose a number and fill in the boxes. They may not have any idea why they’re drawn to a specific number but they decide to just go with their gut and their instincts to create their own ticket. It’s a rather random system, but it’s one that can still give you a little more control over what the numbers are that you choose.

Luck of the Draw

Finally, you have the people that just go for it. These are the ones that walk in and choose an ‘easy pick’ or a ticket that is randomly printed. They don’t have any idea what numbers they want so they let the machine pick for them. In many cases these are actually considered the tickets with the best odds, but for those who have a different method of choosing it can definitely be a little more boring to let the computer choose the numbers that you’re going to play.

The Odds of Winning

When it comes down to it, there are similar odds for most methods of choosing your numbers. Each person who picks in a different category is generally going to think their way is the best and they will probably think that they have the best chance of winning because of the way that they play, but that’s not always the case. Your odds are going to be random, and if you’ve noticed, lottery games give a set number to the odds no matter which method you use to play, so it’s all luck of the draw anyway.

Getting Your Ticket

If you’re looking to play these games, however, it’s definitely important to get out there and buy a ticket. Whether you choose your winning lotto numbers based on your children’s birthdays or you choose them by letting the machine go for it, you’re definitely going to have no problem getting that ticket and hopefully you’ll be able to get a match and a win while you’re at it. Playing the lotto can be a whole lot of fun for anyone, and all you have to do is figure out how you’re going to spend the money you win.

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