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Play Internet Lotto worldwide without Spiraling Down into Addiction

Playing internet lotto worldwide can be a fun way to get some cash and while away your free time.  Especially when a service like RedFoxLotto allows you to purchase a lotto ticket on the internet for any of the huge lotto jackpots of the planet's biggest lotteries. No longer are you bound to your local lotto - and you do not have to reside in the country of the lottery. To get your ticket, click on one of the lotteries displayed in the right or left column of our site, or go to RedFoxLotto directly via this link.

But just like other internet gambling games such as poker, slot machines and blackjack, it could be very addictive.  It is often misconstrued that online gambling only covers card games and slot machines.  But in reality, those addicted to online lottery make up a big bulk of online gambling addicts.

But how does one determine if he or she is already on the road to lotto addiction?  Here are some tell-tale signs:

  • When you find yourself playing more than you can afford.  Most addicts have incurred large credit card debts due to their addiction.
  • When you start spending your budget allotted for your household or your children’s college funds.
  • When you start trying to win back the money you have just spent for you lottery tickets, or invest your winnings to get more chances of getting the coveted jackpot.  Addiction often begins when one starts to play internet lotto to get back their investments or increase it.

Avoiding Lottery Addiction

play lotto safePlaying internet lotto smartly is the best way to enjoy lotteries without going overboard and succumbing to addiction.  This will not only save you from going neck deep in debts but also from ruining yourself, and your relationship with your loved ones.  Here are some easy and effective ways to steer you clear from lottery addiction:

  • Always stick to your budget:  If you love to play internet lotto so much, set aside a small portion of your budget for that and stick to it.  Never spend money allotted for household expenses as well as bills.
  • Stop while you’re still winning.  Addiction to internet lotto often starts when you get a high on winning the jackpot or the minor prizes on a lottery draw.
  • When you constantly lose significant amounts in a lottery draw, take some time out.  Most lotto addicts often want to get back what they have spent on lottery tickets by buying more tickets in the hopes of winning.
  • Have a support system.  It could be a trusted member of your family, your husband or a friend who could tell you enough is enough.  Think of them as your walking, talking, breathing and living conscience.
  • Do not play online lotteries to cope with stress or any uncomfortable emotions you might be feeling at the moment.  While they can take your mind off your problems temporarily, it could lead to a cycle of addiction.
  • Do not try to forsake your responsibilities at home, work or school just so you could play online lotto.  Think about the possible outcomes if you play hookie just to try out your luck in another lottery draw.

If you are beginning to see signs that you are starting to get addicted to online lotto, do not be afraid to seek help.  Recognizing that you have a problem or starting to have a problem with lottery addiction is the first step to curing yourself from a destructive habit.

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