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Win Lotto Online - is there a perfect strategy?

win lottery onlineLottery has become one of the most popular games of chance enjoyed by people of all walks of life.  The thrill of winning the prized jackpot has proven to be a lucrative if not exciting lure for a lot of lottery fanatics.  And now, people can enjoy the thrill of winning the lotto online, in the comforts of their own home.

For those who are curious about lotteries, or are interested in joining the lottery jackpot seeking bandwagon, one question remains in their minds:  Is there a way to win lotto online?

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There are a lot of websites and e-books online offering techniques on how to get that prized jackpot and some of them do not come cheap ($500 for a lousy booklet which guarantees that you win the lottery?  No kidding?).

Let’s explore the possibilities through some of the well-known techniques done by most lotto enthusiasts:

  1. Using the probability technique.  This technique often involves a lot of math, wherein the bettor or the lotto player picks two sets of 6-number combinations using a formula determining the numbers which will are more likely to come out.  They can either check out the past 30 to 45 draws and determine a pattern, or go for numbers which have never been in the winning combination in the past.
  2. It is often said that getting two combinations of these numbers increase your chances of winning to two in 8 million.
  3. Lottery wheeling is also another way of increasing one’s chances to win the lotto.  This strategy is designed to allow lotto players to create more than 2 lotto combinations.  Using a combinatorics-based formula, the lotto player generates a table of either full or partial coverage of possible winning lotto number combinations.  There are lottery wheel generators available online and you can perform a quick Google search for one.
  4. Some people remain superstitious, even in playing the lotto online.  Some lotto players  (both online and in traditional establishments) believe that numbers appearing in dreams, simulacra patterns and even lucky numbers presented in daily astrology updates online and in newspapers can increase your chances to win the lotto online.  Other lotto combinations include birthdays as well as anniversaries.


The techniques and strategies above do not actually guarantee a sure win, but they are established to increase your chances to win lotto online or in local establishments.  Remember that the lottery remains to be a game of chance.  Meaning, a little luck (and maybe a prayer or two) is still required to increase your chances of winning the lotto.

In this note, the next time you see any propaganda or ads about books that guarantee that you’ll win lotto online or anywhere else, you may want to take these ads and propaganda with a grain of salt.  They are only meant to increase the odds of winning, not guarantee that you will bring home the bacon anytime you play the lotto.

But since it requires a lot of luck to actually win the big jackpot, why not improve your chances by choosing an online lotto service that allows you to play the biggest jackpots from all over the World?

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