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Millions of Europeans have tried to make their numbers the lucky numbers since the Euromillions lottery began back in 2004. They have dreamed of what they would do with all of the Euros that they won, and went out to local shops twice a week to purchase the ticket that they hoped was the one that would make them wealthy. However, those who lived outside of Europe didn't get the opportunity to do the same. But now, thanks to RedFoxLotto, you can now play Euromillions lotto online today, even if you don't live in the European Union. Simply click here to get your Euromillions online ticket in seconds.

The history of the European lottery

Euromillions onlineThe first lottery on record was held by a Flemish painter named Jan Van Eyck back in 1446. However, rather than the millions that are at stake in today's games, his prizes were his paintings. Ever since, the lottery has been around in same form, and has mainly been used to fund projects for the country that is holding it. For instance, King Francis I of France held a lottery to get the kingdom out of debt in 1539, while Queen Elizabeth I created the first English Lottery in 1567, and offered tapestries and money as prizes.

Lotteries were also used to fund cultural endeavors, such as the 1753 lottery that was held in Great Britain to help pay for the construction of the British Museum. Today, the lotto is played by millions of Europeans, and now people from all around the world can play Euromillions lotto online, as well, by clicking on to RedFoxLotto.

How to play Euromillions

This lotto game involves a rolling jackpot, which means that the jackpot from the previous drawing is added on to the current one. The jackpot begins at 15 million Euros, and is only won by the player who can match all 7 numbers in order. Players must select 5 numbers that fall between 1 and 50, and 2 “lucky star” numbers between 1 and 11. The odds of winning a prize in if you play Euromillions Lotto online are 1 in 13.

If you don't live within the European Union, and would still like to try your luck at this exciting lottery, then you can purchase your ticket online at RedFoxLotto. The Euromillions lotto is unique, in that, if by the 12th week no one has won the jackpot, that jackpot is divided up amongst those who would normally only win the second prize, in order to return the rolling jackpot to its original amount. This means that you have an added opportunity to become a millionaire without even matching all of the numbers.

With so many chances to win millions of Euros, its no wonder that this lotto is highly popular amongst Europeans, and is now quickly taking the rest of the world by storm thanks to RedFoxLotto. You now have the opportunity to strike it rich, no matter where you live, and can play Euromillions lotto online from the comfort of your home.

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