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Playing international lotteries online has become more and more popular in the past. But how does the process of purchasing the lottery tickets online actually work? Here is a quick description.

Step 1: make sure you select a reputable ticket service. We recommend our favorite provider RedFoxLotto.

Step 2: Take a look at the lotteries they have to offer. We suggest that you either pick the lottery with the largest jackpot or if you prefer, go for the lottery that will be drawn next. Make sure that there is at least a time span of 2-3 hours until the draw. This guarantees that your personal lottery tickets can be bought on time.

Step 3: Pick your numbers. If you want, you can let all or just some of your numbers be picked by the random numbers generator. The online ticket service will make sure that you dd not pick too many numbers, or too few.

Step 4: Create a player account, enter your data and set a password

Step 5: Usually you will have to confirm your newly created account. The ticket service will send you an email with a link in order to verify your email address. Click it, and your account will be verified. If you do not see the email in your inbox, check your spam filter. This is very important - make sure that your email provider accepts emails from RedFoxLotto as trusted. Otherwise, you might miss notifications about winnings and other important info.

Step 6: Pay online, using one of the payment options the lotto service site offers. You will get a confirmation email that your order has been received.

Once you have gone through that process, your order will be processed. An agent of RedFoxLotto will buy your tickets. It may take some time before the ticket scan is visible in your account. For some lotteries, the scan service is not available.

In any case, once you are logged in to your account, you can check the "My tickets" section and you will see your tickets with the numbers you picked. After the draw, the winning numbers on your ticket will be highlighted. Winnings up to €2.500,00 will be credited to your account right away. If you win a higher amount, RedFoxLotto support will contact you.

If you have questions or issues, read the FAQ section first. If you cannot find help there, contact their support.

Buying your tickets online is great fun, and there are lots of large jackpots out there just waiting for you to win them!

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